Newbie’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing – Do’s and Don’ts


  • Do make sure you save your affiliate links to a text file on your computer.
  • Do make sure you save any graphics to your computer and upload to your webhosting space.
  • Do make sure that your images show up on your website.
  • Do make sure that the images are clickable and go to the right site when they are clicked on.
  • Do check that your affiliate link goes to your affiliate account use the tracking statistics provided by the program you are using.
  • Do make sure you can accept payments in the currency offered by the Vendor / Network.
  • Do check that any CPA offers you are promoting are still current; sometimes campaigns are halted or replaced by newer ones.
  • Do join affiliate marketing forums, ask questions, interact and learn from other affiliate marketers.
  • Do make sure that you understand any terms and conditions placed upon you the affiliate by the network you are promoting. Don’t mix programs if you are not allowed to.
  • Do keep your website current, and up to date with fresh content.
  • Do periodically test your order links to ensure that any vendors’ product you are promoting through Clickbank is still using Clickbank as their affiliate program.
  • Do periodically test your links to products you are promoting and are listed on PayDotCom, PaySpree or RapBank to ensure they are still live and in business.
  • Do work hard to drive traffic to your site. If you have time, write articles on your chosen Niche / topic and submit these to the popular article directories.
  • Do join in discussion forums related to your niche / site theme, use the signature file to link back to your site.


  • Don’t expect to earn a fortune overnight, it just doesn’t happen. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.
  • Don’t break the rules of any agreements you have signed with the networks or other affiliate program managers.
  • Don’t spam anyone with unsolicited email messages.
  • Don’t forget to place a notice on your site and a warning in your email communications so you comply with the FTC guidelines.
  • Don’t keep promoting a product or service if you are not making commissions / sales, or if the vendor has made changes to the program.
  • Don’t forget to make use of any marketing materials the program vendor may have provided. Banners, Graphics, email messages or text ads. Remember though to stay away from any duplicate content, rewrite the emails, re word the adverts so they are unique to you and your site.
  • Don’t load your site with lots of flashing, rotating, blinking banners that make it look like a firework display!
  • Don’t give up, if you are rejected by one network, try another.


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