Negative Branding and PPV: No Cause for Alarm

Not everyone loves pay per view (PPV) advertising. In fact, some people really don’t like it one bit. While there may be some legitimate arguments against the use of PPV in some circumstances, many of the criticisms leveled against it just don’t hold up to any level of scrutiny. Those who claim that PPV participation Read more about Negative Branding and PPV: No Cause for Alarm[…]

Understanding the PPV Audience

Pay per view advertising is interesting, in part, because you’re presenting offers to a unique audience type. The people who’ll be viewing your ads have all agreed to download the PPV company’s Adware. While you can’t read too much into this fact, it does have an impact on the way one should approach the practice. Read more about Understanding the PPV Audience[…]

Why Affiliate Marketers Love Pay Per View Advertising

Affiliate marketers are falling in love with Pay Per View (PPV) advertising. They were once thoroughly committed to Pay Per Click (PPC) options, but they’re now discovering that a better relationship may be waiting for them with PPV companies. There are many reasons for this newfound appreciation. Let’s outline two of the biggest factors. First, Read more about Why Affiliate Marketers Love Pay Per View Advertising[…]