Article Marketing

This method of advertising is a bit different since you are not actually paying to advertise. It’s a proven way you can generate traffic to your website with little cost.

There are article directories such as and that allow you to submit quality articles to their website. With each article you are given the opportunity to have a resource box. Within the resource box you can have a description of your site and a link back to your website. The key with article marketing is to have your article written in such a way that it is very engaging. You provide the reader with enough information to show that you are indeed an expert within the field you are talking about, and have your resource box state that they can get more detailed information at your website. Always ensure that your website link uses anchor text that has your major keyword within it or is so enticing and descriptive that it would cause the reader to click. If you are not a good writer, you can hire others to write articles for you. You’ll find many high quality writers on various webmaster related forums and freelance websites. I’ve listed below a few sites where you can find writers in case you need them.

This is a freelance forum where you can find high quality writers. The bid prices are a bit higher on this site due to the quality of writers and programmers available.

Another freelance site with good writers, it is perhaps one of the better sites to find quality freelancers.

This freelancer website has quality writers, but the price is close to the range of

You’ll find quality writers but you’ll have to pay above average price, but you’ll at least be assured the work is good. With selecting a writer to write your articles you need to always ask for examples of their prior work. You would be surprised at how many people consider themselves to be writers who are very poor at it. It’s very important to carefully review each writer for grammar, spelling errors and how their sentences flow.

Of utmost importance is also checking that the articles they write for you pass Copyscape. This is a website where you can check for plagiarism. Most people within the industry use this website to check for duplicate content and plagiarism. Once you’ve found a good writer or have written your articles on your own. Then it’s time to submit them to the top article directories.


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