Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Well Explained

Whenever you search for a topic on Google, Yahoo or MSN, you usually get pages and pages of websites that have the keywords you typed in the search bar. Have you ever wondered why a particular website is listed first on the results of your search? The primary reason for this is Search Engine Optimization. Read more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Well Explained[…]

What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is now called so many other names – e-marketing, web marketing, i-marketing, digital marketing, online marketing and the like. However, in plain and simple language, it can be defined as the marketing of one’s products or services that a business or person offers through the use of the internet. This type of marketing Read more about What Is Internet Marketing?[…]

3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Social media marketing constantly changes and evolves. What works on YouTube or Twitter may or may not work on Facebook. What works on Facebook might or might not work on other social media venues, and so there is this constant learning curve going on about how to get the most out of your post and Read more about 3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Facebook Ad Campaign[…]

SEO & Relationship Building For Local Businesses

All businesses on the internet marketing platform should take the SEO element seriously and thus ensure the relevant information is well explored and used advantageously. Get all the info you need here. Keywords are like the magnet or the eyes that are going to get the attraction of the SEO thus creating favorable ranking possibilities. Read more about SEO & Relationship Building For Local Businesses[…]

Profitable Email Marketing in Just Minutes!

As an online marketer you have to understand that list building and email marketing are very much hand in hand. Building an opt‐in mailing list just isn’t enough; you need to cultivate a relationship – a respected relationship – from your subscribers. the true purpose of email marketing is to simply convert as many prospects Read more about Profitable Email Marketing in Just Minutes![…]

5 Tips to Ensure Your Facebook Ad Campaign is Effective

Having a Facebook ad campaign that is effective involves more than just popping your ad on Facebook. Sure, occasionally you might get lucky and enjoy success from this type of Facebook ad campaign, but you can ensure regular success by creating ads that are effective using these 5 tips. #1 Mobile only ads Around 75% Read more about 5 Tips to Ensure Your Facebook Ad Campaign is Effective[…]

List Building Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing businesses are a great and simple way to earn a passive income from the web. More and more people each day are turning to affiliate marketing to create full time ad part time incomes online. How do you choose a good affiliate program to promote? Here are some tips you may want to Read more about List Building Affiliate Programs[…]

Article Marketing

This method of advertising is a bit different since you are not actually paying to advertise. It’s a proven way you can generate traffic to your website with little cost. There are article directories such as and that allow you to submit quality articles to their website. With each article you are given Read more about Article Marketing[…]

SEO Importance In Blog Advertising

Having a blog on the Internet that gives people some good informaton doens’t do a lot of good if people don’t know that it’s there. If you want people to be able to find your blog, something that is important is that you have good Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Whenever you put one or Read more about SEO Importance In Blog Advertising[…]


Social with substance. Increased brand exposure and reach Social strategy backed up by real-time data An extensive network of online influencers International experience Not many agencies offer our level of experience or expertise and certainly not our data-led analysis of social performance. We’re the agency that offers social with substance. Our research and insight team Read more about SOCIAL MEDIA[…]