Why Affiliate Marketers Love Pay Per View Advertising

Affiliate marketers are falling in love with Pay Per View (PPV) advertising. They were once thoroughly committed to Pay Per Click (PPC) options, but they’re now discovering that a better relationship may be waiting for them with PPV companies.

There are many reasons for this newfound appreciation. Let’s outline two of the biggest factors.

First, PPV allows marketers to link directly to affiliate offers. Most of the PPC options out there–and almost all of those capable of generating any substantial traffic–are very restrictive in that respect. If you want to see your Google Adwords account suspended, just try to direct link to a Clickbank offer, for instance.

PPV companies don’t mind direct linking. They’ll allow you to put that affiliate offer in front of visitors without an intermediary landing page. If you want to direct link, that’s your business.

There are some good arguments in favor of using landing pages instead of direct linking in many cases. However, there are marketers who would prefer to direct link and there are situations in which that’s the most profitable course of action. PPV makes it possible to take advantage of those situations. That makes it particularly attractive to affiliates who are tired of grappling with the restrictions inherent in most PPC programs.

Second, any affiliate marketer who’s logged more than one sale in his or her life will tell you that traffic is a good thing. They’ll also tell you that targeted traffic is a great thing. It’s not just a matter of getting people to look at an offer. It’s about getting the right people to look at the right offer.

Search engine traffic is widely considered hyper-targeted. So is PPC traffic. Neither can measure up to the level of precision targeting offered by PPV, however.

PPV allows you to target something other than keywords in hopes of bringing those ideal visitors to your site. You can also bid on specific URLs. When a PPV network member visit’s a URL upon which you’ve placed a bid, the PPV company will serve your ad.

That creates unrivaled targeting opportunities. You can opt to put your landing page or affiliate offers in front of people who are spending time on competitors’ sites or who are visiting specific pages that evidence an exceedingly strong likelihood that the individual would be interested in your particular product or service.

You can uncover the URLs that get ideal traffic for your offers and bid on them, giving you a chance to deal with the right people at the right time.

Those are just two of the reasons why many affiliates are becoming more active in the realm of PPV advertising. The less restrictive environment that allows direct linking and the opportunity to uncover highly targeted streams of traffic makes it a hard option to ignore.

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